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Pivot Basketball Analytics - Stat Tracker/Keeper

Seller: Eddy Brands, LLC
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The Pivot Sports Analytics Basketball App is a basketball statistics tracker and analytics tool that help coaches and players win championships.

The Pivot app and website are different from other stat keeper or stat tracker apps out there. Unlike other apps or websites that only gives basic box score statistics and percentages, the Pivot app- and web-based tools aggregate your team’s statistical and analytical data, and then organize it in a way that gives you deep insights into your team’s behavior.

Basic statistics tell you “what” happened; the Pivot tools will help tell you “why” something happened and “how” you can improve. Our tools allow you to go beyond the basic box score numbers so you can create tailored practice sessions, drills, and games plans, specific to your team’s behavior.

We understand what it’s like to practice, prepare game plans, and perform the other countless tasks required of championship teams. Our score keeper tools give you an edge on the competition; below lists out the capabilities of our app and associated website:

How does it work: The Pivot Basketball App was designed so a single individual (think coach or parent) can track the game stats live. We then do all the heavy lifting with the analytical calculations and give you easy-to-read outputs.
What type of analysis outputs are available: All of the basic box score stats that you know and love. You can study statistics by game or season, filtering by individual, lineup, or team.

Under our advanced offerings, you can study deeper analytics such as lineup analysis, player comparison, and situational analysis.

Lineup Analysis
Pivot helps coaches and players identify the best lineups and rotations on your team. Because every rotation brings different strengths, our tools highlight which one will give you the best opportunity to win based on the current situation. You have the ability to filter each lineup by a specific statistic and understand the underlying strengths and weaknesses.

Player Comparison
Pivot aggregates all individual statistics for each player on the team. Shot heat maps and detailed statistics are available with the ability to compare individuals

Situational Analysis
Our tools allow you to think of any hypothetical or actual situation that could occur during a game, and have the ability to filter your criteria, create a situation, and analyze your team’s behavior. This tool allows you to game-plan around your team’s weaknesses and toward their strengths.