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Places 2B

Seller: Gregory Catellani
Price: FREE

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Imagine you are in the most awesome club in a foreign town. Imagine you are tiptoing in a wonderful lagoon. Imagine you finally found that one coffee place.

Now think about how you would remember all of these extraordinary Places. You simply couldn't. Especially for faraway Places where you might not return for a while.

Now there are some tools that address part of the problem. And more often than not they are not equipped for this case and hard to use at that.

The "Places 2B" App, or "Places" for short, does just that. With its easy to use interface it helps you to remember all these awesome Places and share them with your friends, with only a few taps. And you don't even necessarily require an active internet connection to perform all of this.

Start enjoying it now and never forget a favorite Place ever again.

Please note:
The app can track and update your location in the background. It does so to offer you an even better and faster experience. But the continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. A compromise between a fast experience and prolonged battery life is possible. In the Settings you can configure the app to track and update your location only when the app is in the foreground.