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Plug & Ride Pro

Seller: UX Technology Inc
Price: FREE

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Plug and Ride Pro

Our Carpooling premium app help you reduce your driving commute to one day per week, by riding with trusted co-workers and car owners for free!

You can plan your driving commute a month ahead, and expand your professional network by riding with linked-in members in your industry, and save on car costs. Start today by create your own ridesharing service in three steps:

1 - Create your daily commute from A to B for the whole month
2 - Invite your co-workers, contacts or friends who own a car
3 - Ride with 4 passengers, then rotate so each passenger drive one day
4 - *Ask your employers to reimburse you for the app cost and rides that you drove

Note: The service is free and available to any car owner from any country, you can simply start immediately by purchasing the app. To activate the app Artificial Intelligence capability, please sign up with your linked-in credential to allow “AI based vetting based on Linked-in profile” otherwise use your email to sign up “where you connect with riders using their personal or corporate email”.

*Optional: Set the ride as paid and the app will calculate each ride total cost, or ask your employer to join our corporate members by contacting us through our site “will allow your employer to access rides data to enable automated rides reimbursement”.

Questions? Please read How-It-Works on our site “” for detailed steps or FAQ. Feel free to contact us through our site.

We are the future of Urban Mobility and Connected Cars!