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Seller: Steven Brewis
Price: -1

Download Plusee free via AppsHawk.

Plusee is a fun, ad-free calculator.

The Plusee calculator remembers your previous three calculations which is always visible and it remembers them even when you close the app.

Unlike some other calculators, Plusee also lets you accurately calculate post the result. For example; if you press 2 x 3 = it will show 6, if you press the equal symbol again, it will automatically calculate it with the last digit pressed. So pressing equals three times will show 2 x 3 = 6 x 3 = 18 x 3 = 54. (Actual Keys Pressed: 2 x 3 = = =)

Plusee also lets you calculate by pressing the operator only. So if you typed ‘add (+)’ followed by ‘equal (=)’, it will take the current result and add it to itself. For example, if the result is 100 and you press + = the result will be 200. (Actual Keys Pressed after result: + =)

Plusee Calculator also comes with a light and dark mode, plenty of colors and a design aimed at improving the standard iOS calculator.

It includes subtle sounds (which can be muted), a unique new way of working with the memory function and a backspace button for when you accidentally entered the wrong digits.

Full list of features:

• Shows current calculation with operators
• Shows 2 previous calculations
• Remembers your calculations even when you close the app
• Calculate after the result using last input
• Calculate after the result using last pressed operator
• No Adverts
• Luminescent Numeric buttons
• Mute Button
• Dark Mode
• Pink Theme
• Blue Theme
• Orange Theme
• Grey Theme