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POLARIS - AR filters for Earth

Seller: Emberify Innovations Private Limited
Price: FREE

Download POLARIS - AR filters for Earth free via AppsHawk.

POLARIS is an Augmented Reality app to help millennials to learn about the Earth. With a 3D Earth model to let you explore geographical data & trends like climate change, coffee consumption, employment rate, forest loss, renewable and beer consumption, internet speeds, healthcare, CO2 emissions and other 10+ filters. You can use the key to learn about the topic in detail. Apart from Augmented Reality, you can also explore all this data in a 3D globe or a map.
- AR View with 20 filters for the Earth
- Keys with information on the filters
- Grid for the Earth
- Search for your favorite filters
- 3D & Map view

Augmented Reality will let you interact with the Earth in a new way.
Developed by Emberify in collaboration with Ritu Chuahan & Shailvi Shah.