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Seller: WON JO
Price: FREE

Download Pomodoro free via AppsHawk.

** The Best Pomodoro Application **

Work with this app to improve your productivity by breaking up after each working period.

"Pomodoro Technique"

** Features **

- Widget Viewer

- Manager your task using Pomodoro technique
- Pomodoro
- Short Break
- Long Break

- Timer Management
- Start
- Pause
- Stop

- Focus with white noise sounds such as

- Sounds
- Rain
- Ocean Waves
- Fireplace
- Forest Birds
- Clock

* If you purchase premium version, you can use a lot more great premium sounds.

- Track your progress
- Statistics View

- Quick Action from home screen to Start Pomodoro, Short Break and Long Break
- Start Pomodoro
- Start Short Break
- Start Long Break

- Background scheduling and notification
- Support Working on backgrounds

- Voice Feedback after finishing work or break
- Universal app for iPhones and iPads
- Custom setting your working interval and short, long break interval
- Device Orientation Support


Features will be added

- Apple watch