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Pond Boss Magazine

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If you own or manage private waters anywhere in the world – or want to - POND BOSS is the leading authority. POND BOSS magazine and provide valuable, up-to-date information on the topics, products and services you need to be a better steward of your land and water. Learn and share from the nation’s leading pond management experts and our family of friends. We stand ready, willing and able to assist.

Published six times a year, POND BOSS brings you information you can actually use to manage your private waters. From planning your dream pond to raising trophy bass, each issue of POND BOSS delivers:
· Timely information, illustrated with excellent photos and graphics
· Real-world stories and proven methods
· Pond professionals writing about what they do in the field… and the results they achieve
· Pondmeisters like yourself, telling the world about their successes and failures
· Regular columns about mini-ponds, pond life, aquatic plants, wildlife, ecology, from-pond-to-plate recipes and
· Resources you can trust for cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art services you need to manage your pond
· An excellent reference you’ll want to keep and refer to again and again

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