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Seller: Suntech Enterprise P/L
Price: FREE

Download POSCAMDC free via AppsHawk.

POSCAMDC is a client software from Suntech Enterprise Pty Ltd that designed for POSCAM-Retail users. Its mission is helping POSCAM-Retail users to operate their POS System in a more effective, more efficacious, and fashion way.

It only has TWO functions:

•Collect product information for Goods Receive, Goods Delivery, Goods Transfer, Barcode Collection, and Stock taking, save the collected data to computer.
This function can be used by anyone without POSCAM system installed.
•Search product information in online database or offline product info file. This function only can be used by POSCAM user.

But it has THREE goals:

•Replace the bulky PDA data collector!
•Make your iPhone/iPod Touch in a good use. They are Smart Phones, guys! They are not just for playing games or taking photos!!
•Show off application for all of POSCAM users!

In order to achieve the above, it has the following features as the released first Version:

•Search product by Scan product barcode
•Edit Product Information
•Change Product Quantity
•View scanned data
•Download Product Information from Server via Local Wi-Fi/ Internet Wi-Fi/ 3G/4G Cellar Network

Thanks for POSCAM Users’ support! We will have more and more function update on the coming versions!


•iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and what so ever Apple may throw out next year
•iOS 7.0 or latest
•Linea Barcode scanner

For the data sync program, please feel free to download from