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PranaMate - Breathing Sound Generator

Seller: Victor Bayona Acosta
Price: 1.99

Download PranaMate - Breathing Sound Generator free via AppsHawk.

PranaMateApp is a great tool for practicing breathing. Its main use is to generate a breathe sound with a visual feedback using the screen of the iPhone or iPad. Easy to use, you can program the duration of the in-breathe, out breathe and retentions; then the sound and screen will move as programmed. This App constitute a helper in timing the breath in a wide variety of exercises and techniques.

**Note that this App is intended to be a helper in the breathing exercises and techniques that you already know and practice. PranaMate App is not a guide of how to breathe and does not include any information about breathing techniques. It does not - and is not intended to - constitute advice or profesional medical services or treatment of any kind. This app should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

Apps Features:
- Configurable Timer for the practice
- Configurable timer for the in-breath, out-breath and retentions
- Three shapes for the screen and count up to ten option, which will fill - unfill the screen at the times programed
- 9 Colors available for the screen
- Breathing Sound which will play at as programed
- Save as many presets as you need.
- Works in the background, so you can play other apps while PranaMate is still running.
- Universal App for iPad and iPhone working in both horizontal and vertical positions.
- English and Spanish support.

If you have questions about the app or have suggestions, please email me to:

I listen to every customer and make this App better with your comments and suggestions.

Victor Bayona