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Seller: Lucas Coelho
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An app
An education tool
A musical instrument

Promaya is the most visual musical instrument you've ever seen. Because it displays the note's name while you're playing it is a great tool to improve your reading skills (or to be introduced to it)

From music writing and improvisation to creating games or teaching kids to play the ABC song, there is literally one infinity of ways to play Promaya.
Try googling “key” + a song you like to quickly find out a song's key (yes google is very good at this). Play it on your phone and open Promaya. After setting the key to the same song, slide your finger vertically and improvise on top of your favorite tunes.

Join thousands of people who are feeling the wonders of improvising for the first time thanks to Promaya!

- 17 different instrument sounds
- G and F clefs
- All major and natural minor keys