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Seller: Lionsguard Technologies, LLC
Price: FREE

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“The Adventures of Puppyman” is a family friendly, casual game where players will help Puppyman embark on his first journey. Puppyman must collect his lost bones while avoiding the various critters attempting to take his bounty. Meanwhile, Puppyman’s friend, Pork N Bean, is missing and needs to be found.

New critters are introduced as the player progresses, with Pork N Bean making an appearance in higher levels. The player will overcome each enemy using a different tactic including jumping, waiting or running. Touching an enemy causes Puppyman to lose bones and reduce the overall score for the level. Some enemies will chase Puppyman causing him to miss collecting his treasures. Avoid the critters, save Pork N Bean, and collect all bounty to achieve the highest possible score.

Puppyman features:
•Tap the screen to jump and run
•Fun music and sounds
•Repeatable levels to gain the highest score possible
•Twenty different levels that progress Puppyman through his adventure