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Seller: Krug Consulting
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Download Puzzlerazzi free via AppsHawk.

Instantly turn your photo album into a 12, 24, 56 or 96 personalized-piece jigsaw puzzle.
It doesn't require internet access to play like many games so it will provide hours of fun while travelling or in areas where the internet is not available.
Puzzlerazzi provides all the fun and strategy of a regular puzzle, but with the satisfying click of a shutter as you race the clock to piece together your own photos.
Creating a personalized puzzle is easy. Simply choose one from your photo album or select one of the pictures included in the App. If you are looking for new puzzles, simply take a new picture or save a screenshot of any image you find on the internet. Once you've decided on the picture, you can choose to use the whole image, or zoom in and crop out your favourite part of the image all within the Puzzlerazzi app and then instantly turn it into a puzzle.
Unlimited pictures. Unlimited puzzles. Unlimited fun.

Check out the great reviews on Puzzlerazzi:

“… extremely easy to use and highly addicting for all ages (guilty).” –

“Kids love creating their own puzzles … parents love never losing another piece.” – Playtimes, Hong Kong

“… capitalizes on our offspring’s other favourite hobby —taking selfies. Puzzlerazzi turns any photo into a puzzle that can be played with right away.” –

“Pure fun is to be had with this app! Turn any photograph into a jigsaw.” –

"Make that photo into a digital jigsaw !" - Pollyanna Woodward -