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Quickfem - 2D Finite Elements

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Price: 5.99

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Quickfem, the world's best 2D Finite Element Analysis App for engineers and students. Featuring fast model building interface and 5,000 element solver.

- Finite element modelling of structures in seconds with seamless meshing and boundary matching
- Perfect as an introduction to the finite element method and as a hands-on aid to structural engineering courses
- Iterate geometry, constraints, fasteners, loads, temperatures and materials to gain insight before embarking on expensive full scale FEA
- Customise your modelling environment with default materials, loads, units, precision, colours and mesh sizes

Impress your (engineering) friends!


- Interactive FEM creation of 2D plates
- 3D view and edit
- Automatic meshing
- Arcs, fillets, holes
- Fasteners
- Displacements, strains, stress fringe plots
- Plane stress and plane strain
- Thermal mechanical loads
- Equivalent and principal stresses
- SI and US units
- Sharable models
- Customizable GUI

User guides, videos, engineering blog topics and support available at:


Quickfem is a not a replacement for major CAD software packages such as AutoCad, CATIA or CREO. Nor large Finite Element Analysis suites such as Ansys, Abacus or Nastran. However, Quickfem provides plenty of things the big packages don't.

Firstly, Quickfem runs on your mobile phone or tablet. This means you have the ability to play around with an approximate structural model to get a feel for interesting effects. Inspiration often happens when you are away from the PC; Quickfem is always in your pocket.

Second, Quickfem is probably the fastest FEA software package in the world for setting up and solving a model. Near instant feedback provides tight iteration loops necessary for rapid discovery. Engineers need to have a feel for the loads and stresses in a structure and know what is important in trade-offs without resorting to full blown CAD/FEA cycles.

Drawing and solving simplified 2D representations of actual 3D structures will deliver insight that will astonish your peers.