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Ramadan رمضان

Seller: SecuHost IT Solutions & Media Services Sdn. Bhd.
Price: FREE

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- Upto date Ramadan calendar
- Prayer times with alarm
- Share daily prayer times

+ Daily prayer time calculation
   - User location acquired through device GPS
   - 100% accurate prayer time calculation according to the Um Al-Qura Univ., Makkah method

+ Prayer Alarm Settings
   - Set custom alarms for each prayer for all 7 days of the week
   - Alarm times can be adjusted up to 10 minutes before actual prayer time
   - Set Alarm On/Off from the main screen switches the alarms for each prayer time

+ Social Media Sharing
   - Share daily prayer times with friends, family and colleagues
   - Share over Facebook, Twitter, Email or send SMS
   - Send daily reminders to your friends and family and earn blessings

+ Custom Adhan alarm tones can be set for any prayer time including Adhans from:
   - Al Aqsa mosque
   - Makkah – Ali Mulla
   - Medina – Issam Bothari
   - Mishary Al Afasy
   - Nasser Al Qattami

+ Complete Calendar view for the Hijri year as well as Miladi year
   - Daily calendar displaying Miladi and hijri dates side by side along with list of daily prayer timings from Fajr till Ishaa

+ The Ramadan application is created in English as well as in Arabic language and can be easily switched from settings

+ Collection of hadith and verses from the Quran related to the holy month of Ramadan

+ Adjust lunar calendar date as per different region's lunar sightings

+ Prayer Times Calculation Methods:

   - Umm Al-Qura
   - North America
   - University Of Islamic Sciences, Karachi
   - Muslim World League
   - Egyptian General Authority of Survey

+ Juristic Methods (For Asr prayer):

   - Standard (Imams Shafii, Hanbali, and Maliki)
   - Hanafi

+ Dhuhr Prayer Time Adjustment after Zawal
+ Maghrib Prayer Time Adjustment after Sunset
+ Issha Prayer Time Adjustment after Maghrib

+ Share Ramadan prayer timings Calendar via Facebook,Twitter,Email