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Reading Motivation: Tiramisu Rex in New York

Seller: Daniele Padoan
Price: FREE

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“Reading Motivation - Tiramisu Rex in New York” is an educational reading game, which motivates to read and makes reading fun.

● 5 Stars from iPhoneKinderApps
● 5 Stars from KinderAppGarten
● 5 Stars from KinderAppsAndroid
● 5 Stars from BesteKinderapps
● Number 1 in Luxembourg
● Number 3 in Portugal
● Number 4 in Switzerland
● Number 5 in Austria
● Number 6 in the Czech Republic
● Number 12 in Germany
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The friends Tiramisu, Rex and Lucy set off on an adventurous journey through New York. They want to find the treasure of cowboy Nicknose with the help of Rex‘s new invention.

Exceptional about this App is the multi-layered motivation of the child:

● Reading ruler
The currently read part is emphasized without hiding the previous or following parts. The general overview remains, the eye perceives the structure of the following text. Analog to the reading ruler used in school, the current line stays active. The child sets the reading pace.

● Search
Throughout the text there are hidden treasure chests, which become visible when reading the associated word. They contain animated films and games associated with the text passage, which consolidate the relationship with the characters and the comprehension of what has been read.

● Collect
(long term motivation)
Every found treasure chest is included as a pendant in an animated treasure collection, which becomes visible when turning a page and - if desired - offers the possibility to disengage from the text for a short moment.

● Interaction
The games are topically integrated in the text. They are introduced with direct dialogues and include tasks that continue the plot. The games are positioned in a way throughout the book that gives the child the possibility to relax and play after a longer reading passage.

● Film
Cartoons, which connect live action film with the sketched characters, entertain and impart knowledge about the location of the plot.

● Dialogue
The child can enter his or her first name. The name is integrated in the plot and the child is directly addressed.

● Immersion
With the use of topical colors and brightness, the atmosphere of the text passage is simulated.

● Quiz
There is the possibility of answering questions on the text in a quiz.

● Certificate
At the end of the book you can print out a personalized certificate.