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Seller: Arsen Grigoryan
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Simple and Powerful Finance Manager, constructed in a clean and intuitive way, so you can easily plan your income and expenses, and stay in control of your money.


Create multiple accounts with different currencies and custom account types, to group them by nature of income and expenditure, based on your personal needs. See combined balance for all accounts in a group, define credit limits for credit cards, loans or accounts with overdrafts. Set whether to include an account in Net Worth calculation or leave it as a standalone balance. Transfer funds between accounts, including accounts with different currencies, applying automatic funds conversion based on stored currency rates, or manually overriding posting amount. Archive old accounts, to see only actual balances and reactivate them if and when needed.


Create as many custom categories as necessary, define monthly budget for each category and track your income and expense per category. See actual income or expense against budgeted amount, easily adjust budget based on historical average expenditure per category, analyse transactions within categories, export reports in PDF, merge duplicate categories, archive old once, to see only actual balances and reactivate them if and when needed.


Unlimited number of currencies, including Bitcoin and even your own currencies with custom exchange rate and full list of world currencies. Manually set your preferred exchange rates or automatically download daily rates from preferred FX source. Instantly convert multiple currencies without even opening Rekount, just use quick menu with Apple 3D Touch functionality. Pull down to download most recent exchange rates.


Record new transaction by tapping any account or using quick menu with Apple 3D Touch functionality, record cross currency transactions, mark transaction as Pending for future reconciliation, see transactions per account, per category or all transactions under Net Worth. Use filters or search function to find a transaction, export transactions into a CSV file, to view them in a spreadsheet and import them back, automatically creating all accounts, categories and currencies recorded in the file.

Scheduled transactions

Set transactions to recur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly and get reminders on due date. Record recurring transaction with just one tap or skip one cycle and get reminder for next one. View list of all recurring transaction without even opening Rekount, just use quick menu with Apple 3D Touch functionality.


Add most frequently recorded transactions, such as daily lunch, coffee, and so on, and then easily access them via quick menu with Apple 3D Touch functionality, duplicate and record as a new transaction.

Security and Backup

Use a passcode to protect your data and, optionally, your fingerprint, on a compatible device. Export all recorded data (including transactions from archived accounts and categories, and recurring transactions) and store it in a backup device.

If something is not working for you, you have a great idea, or just want to say Hello, there is a convenient Feedback function under Advanced menu, or simply drop a line to