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Relaxation Coach

Seller: Aatos Media
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Relaxation Coach app - For Better Life and Well-being

We are all living in mind & body connection. By relaxing your body and muscles, you can ease your mind. In addition, different methods can be used to calm our minds such as mindfulness. With body-mind relaxation techniques, we can directly influence our mind because the mind and body are inseparably connected. The easiest way for a better life and to recover from life¥s challenges is to use different relaxation techniques. The Relaxation Coach app will help you to reach a calmer state of mind and achieve mental balance.

Benefits of Relaxation

• Stress reduction: stress hormone production is slowed
• Life management: helps to balance personal and working life
• Overall well-being: reduces blood pressure; reduces oxygen consumption and metabolism becomes more efficient; strengthens immune system
• Stress management: muscle tension is reduced
• Reduces feelings of anxiety
• Effective learning: improves concentration and calmness
• Improves self-evaluation

The Relaxation Coach app includes 9 relaxation drills. Short and long, so you can choose which one is right for you at any given moment. You can choose from four different relaxation techniques such as passive progressive relaxation, active progressive relaxation, autogenic relaxation and using imaginary. It is also possible to use affirmations and self-suggestions.

Included in the Relaxation Coach app

• More than 80 minutes of relaxation exercises with high-quality audio
• 9 different relaxation exercises
• 4 different types of relaxation techniques: passive progressive relaxation, active progressive relaxation, autogenic relaxation and using imaginary
• Choice of 3 different background themes and 3 different soundscapes
• Descriptions of each exercise
• Statistics to keep track of your exercises
• Pay once, use forever (no subscriptions)
• Beautiful fresh & minimalist design