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RespCalc Medical Calculator

Seller: Ryan Goodman
Price: FREE

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Respiratory Medical Calculator written by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT). RespCalc is a Respiratory Calculator App designed by a Registered Respiratory Therapist that gives you easy access to respiratory formulas, scores, scales, and classifications.

+ Cardiopulmonary calculations
+ Tank duration (H,K,D,E,G,M) 3960 available calculations
+ Unit Conversion Tool
+ Normals
+ Submission page for wanted calculations

+ Arterial Arterial Oxygen Gradient
+ Alveolar Gas Equation
+ APGAR Newborn Assessment
+ Arterial Oxygen Content
+ BODE Index - COPD Prediction
+ Body Mass Index
+ Body Surface Area
+ Bohr Equation
+ Capillary Oxygen Content
+ Cardiac Output (ECHO)
+ Cardiac Output (Flick)
+ Classic Shunt Equation
+ Dynamic Compliance
+ Dyspnea Scale (MRC)
+ Endotracheal Tube Size Pediatrics
+ Glascow Comma Scale
+ Glomerular Filtration Rate
+ Mean Airway Pressure
+ Mean Arterial Pressure
+ Oxygen Consumption
+ Oxygen Extraction Ratio
+ Oxygen Index
+ Pack Years
+ PaO2/FiO2 Ratio
+ Ph Henderson-Hasselbalch
+ Predicted Peak Flow (Adults)
+ Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
+ Rapid Shallow Breathing Index
+ Static Compliance
+ Systemic Vascular Resistance
+ Unit Conversion (Physics)
+ Venous Oxygen Content
+ Well's Criteria (PE Risk)