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Seller: Aerospace Software Developments
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AeroCheck is a solution specifically designed for the aviation market sector. Utilising the immense benefits of RFID technology, AeroCheck uniquely identifies and tracks RFID-tagged emergency equipment and security locations on aircraft. Not only does AeroCheck ensure that all required emergency equipment is on aircraft, it also ensures that all of the equipment on aircraft is in date. AeroCheck also allows for the management of security locations on aircraft ensuring all areas on aircraft remain secure and are highlighted if tampered with.

Using the latest ATA Spec2000 standard, AeroCheck is a solution that is fully compliant with industry standards and integrates both server-side and handheld technology to maximise the efficiencies gained from RFID technology.

This functionality ensures that data relating to life-limited components within AeroCheck is always available at the appropriate time, ensuring maximum component life and minimum wastage.

Within AeroCheck, each component to be tracked is tagged with an RFID tag that uniquely identifies the component as per the GS1 / EPC Tag Data Standard. The information on the tag, in conjunction with data downloaded from the server, allows the handheld application to identify when components are due to expire and when component changes are required. A simple user interface allows users to complete component changes and upload the updated information back to the server ensuring global visibility for the airline fleet.