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Seller: Abdelilah Boukrim
Price: FREE

Download riid free via AppsHawk.

-randomize your article discovery

-Effortlessly Discover and read articles from 100's of popular websites and blogs without leaving the app's home screen

-How it works:

"riid" displays cards of top stories from a couple of sources that are randomly picked from a pool of dozens of websites and blogs in the respective category ( "News" is the default category).

-Scroll through the card to read the story, swipe left to discard it, or swipe right to save it to read later, even while offline

- Reshuffle for articles from Different sources of the same category.

-To Choose a different category, swipe up the menu-slide and pick one (news, tech/sci, sports, entertainment, health, travel, style, business and art).

-Read your saved articles and share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. When you're done you can simply swipe left to delete them.

Why choose "riid":

-it's clean and simple to use

-No endless clicking and scrolling and sifting through dozens of websites

-you don't have to choose specific websites which in turn makes it possible to have an unbiased and well-rounded reading experience by exposing you to a variety of sources and perspectives

-For maximum productivity, all articles you've already seen are automatically removed from future results.

-you can read your saved articles even while offline. So no more boring subway rides