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Robert Acer - Shadowmaker

Seller: GSMotorsports
Price: FREE

Download Robert Acer - Shadowmaker free via AppsHawk.

Come and join R.ACER as he fights demons and monsters around the world and throughout the ages!

Enjoy the first four levels of “ROBERT ACER – SHADOWMAKER”:

Level 1: The vicious Chupacabra will be your enemy, as you steer R.ACER’s powerful trophy truck through the Mexican desert.

Level 2: Travel back in time to fight the Chupacabra again, hundreds of years ago, as medieval “Pirate ACER”, deep in a mysterious cave in the Caribbean.

Level 3: Navigate R.ACER's lighting fast sports car through the treacherous Himalayas while fighting the abominable Yeti!

Level 4: Upon reaching the shores of Japan, go back in time to help "Samurai ACER" defeat the monstrous Tsuchigumo Spider!

Levels 5-8: COMING SOON!!

Stay tuned for free version updates, as more locations, more monsters, and more ACERs will be added in the coming weeks!!

4 additional levels to be added in the upcoming weeks!


-Racing: have fun in the side-scrolling racing levels, as you shoot monsters and race through different levels in different time periods in one of R.ACERs awesome vehicles (and even on horseback in one of the upcoming levels)!

-Battle: help R.ACER by squashing the enemy as he takes on monsters from all corners of the earth in these exciting and fast paced tap action levels