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Rover Piyoko In Labyrinth

Seller: Tetsuyoshi Morikawa
Price: 1.99

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Piyoko, the chick girl.
She lives with her mum happily everyday.

But one day, she found her mum was nowhere.
'Mum~~, where are you~~???'

That is how, Piyoko started roving to find her mum.
This month, she arrived at a mysterious labyrinth.

It is the labyrinth of Fute&Kuma.
With only jumping, you can venture the labyrinth in the all directions.

Is her mum beyond the obstacles??
What adventure will Fute&Kuma experience with Piyoko-chan??

This is the orthodox evolution of right scroll run game.
You don't need extra actions, with only jump, you can go through thrilling adventure in the labyrinth.

Jumping against the walls enables you tu turn the direction you run right or left.
So just touch and jump, you can move in the all directions.

You will be able to experience the excellent UI which is TandM's feature in this work too.
Just touch and enjoy the adventure in the 65 stages of the complicated labyrinth.

Is her mum in the labyrinth??
Piyoko's roving trip begins.