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Saline Lakes

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The world has many famous salt lakes. Central Asia’s Caspian and Aral Seas, alongside the Dead Sea between Jordan and Israel, are perhaps the best known. Utah’s Great Salt Lake and California’s Mono Lake and Salton Sea are also by no means obscure. These bodies of water are all fascinating in their own right, but by the standards of the world’s “hypersaline lakes”, they are amateurs. In fact, the world’s most extreme salt lakes are to be found not in a hot Afro-Eurasian desert, but in some of the coldest places of the Earth. Here are the 26 world’s most famous Saline Lakes.

Aral Sea (Kazakhstan), Bonneville Salt Flats (USA), Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan), Chott el Djerid (Tunisia), Dead Sea (Jordan, Israel), Great Salt Lake (USA), Laguna Verde (Bolivia), Lake Assal (Djibouti), Lake Elton (Russia), Lake Colac (Australia) Etc…


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