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SAT Reading Mock Tests Practice

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Download SAT Reading Mock Tests Practice free via AppsHawk.

SAT Reading Mock Test Practice app provide free model practice tests covered all types of Reading comprehension problems preparation with solution.

SAT Exam Information :-

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a paper-based standardized test required for applying to most of the colleges and universities situated in the US. High SAT scores will increase your chances of securing admission. You may also get scholarship offers.

The Critical Reading Section :-

The SAT I contains three critical reading sections:

Reading comprehension of 25 min Sentence completions of 25 min and Paragraph-length critical reading 20 min. Reading comprehension test consists of a lot of passages followed by questions to be answered using the information given in the passages.

Sentence completion problems will require filling in the blanks with appropriate word.

We covered all these different types of reading section problems in our practice tests.

SAT Reading Practice Test App is free, very helpful and interactive for students to make preparation on their mobile devices.