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Sayin’ It Sam™

Seller: Appropo Software LLC
Price: FREE

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Dear Parents and Professionals:

I developed this game to give early language learners and kids with language impairments a chance to practice speech.

When I tried to find a game to help my son, who has severe autism, practice using his voice – I couldn’t find any. So I produced my own.

Known issues with this game are that you must select yes to the pop up menu asking for permission to access the microphone. The game needs to be played in a relatively quiet environment as ambient noise can affect its performance. Be careful not to cover the mic on the side of the iPad while playing.

Your child will need to learn to play this app by voice. They will want to touch the screen. You can use the pause button when you are instructing your child to say a color so that your voice will not activate the app. Make sure to position your child close enough to the iPad so it can hear them well. In time the hope is that your child will independently play this game on their own.

We have designed Sayin’ It Sam to be forgiving to kids with common speech errors. Speech recognition software is still evolving but we are on the vanguard. I need your help to make this game successful.

Your support is appreciated: It is only with the help of parents and professionals like you that we can help all our children have a voice.

I thank you sincerely for your support. Stay tuned for more…