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Seller: SendOutSupport Corporation
Price: FREE

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SendOutSupport makes it easy to get support when needed most. Pre-program your custom messages, which at the press of a button, are sent to your designated support circle via SMS or email. The messages are all sent at once, in complete privacy*.

There are times in life when things seem really hard, like they won’t get better, like they are doomed to repeat again and again. There are times when we need support – but those are also the hardest times to ask for it. This app takes the thinking out of reaching out for support. No more negative self-talk – just push the button and your support circle will get the message.

As well, when the SendOutSupport service is activated, your personal coping strategies are sent back to you, for as long and as frequently as you need.

App features:
- Import selected contacts from your contact list
- Two levels of pre-programmed support requests
- Customizable lists of personal coping strategies (My Truths and Action Steps)
- Programmable duration and intervals for coping strategies
- External help resource list
- Programmable crisis phone number

* If you send your message to multiple iMessage users, all the iMessage contact information can be seen by the recipients. Change the message to SMS to ensure privacy for all. Instructions listed in help screen within the app.

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Built for those who just support but find it hard to ask: depression, anxiety, bi-polar, stress, grief, ptsd, post-partum, pms, pmdd, eating disorders, addiction, abuse, etc...