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Seller: David Preiss
Price: FREE

Download SetMatch free via AppsHawk.

Are you like us? Do you have some half-built LEGOs in your house, and a bin of pieces that "one day" you'll rebuild?

We'll you're in luck. SetMatch was designed for busy people who want to efficiently restore their LEGO sets.

Simply load your sets into your setlist, then select the pieces in those sets that you have tucked away into a zippered plastic bag. Once you found all you could, SetMatch will tell you all the pieces you need to complete the set! You can sift through your big bins of LEGO to find them.

Found an unusual piece in your bin? SetMatch will tell you which set it belongs in!

Organization at its best, SetMatch is designed to take those piles of LEGO and restore the glory of the sets they once again want to become. Help those pieces find their friends. Download SetMatch and get your LEGOs in order!