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Seller: Qiusheng Liao
Price: FREE

Download ShowAce free via AppsHawk.

Without doing anything, ShowAce will loop through your photos/videos one by one on full screen with time and place they were taken. It’s very easy to hide photos/videos that you don’t want to show or to highlight a specific portion of a photo by zooming to make it warmer, more caring and appealing. Also you can draw customized photo frames and add them on top of your photos/videos to make it more special. Each album can have its own frame. Everything you do will not affect your original photos. ShowAce will only record your settings and show exactly the same in the future.Further more, you can create a playlist for this App. ShowAce’s hidden music controller allows you to tap the left of the screen at any time to pause, play, or change the background song easily.You can also share your favorite pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
This application requires IOS 9.3 or above.
•Default settings show all pictures and videos of their original sizes with no background music. Timestamp and location of picture/video are shown on default too.
•Photos in landscape and portrait mode are showing Totally Independently
•Zoom in/out on a picture/video to the point you like and hit save. ShowAce will remember this position and show exactly the same in the future.
•Support DIY digital photo frames.
•Tap bottom of the screen to show/hide picture info.
•Music control: Tap center left of the screen to play/pause. Tap upper left of the screen for previous song. Tap lower left of the screen for next song.
•Set time interval for picture/video.
•Swipe left or right at any time to change the flow direction.
•Tap center of the screen or Zoom in/out to launch the settings bar.
•Share to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.
•Choose photos, videos from “Album” button.
•Choose music from “Music” button.