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Simple Diary + Journal

Seller: Sukyoung Yoon
Price: FREE

Download Simple Diary + Journal free via AppsHawk.

- Description

Simply record your day.

The concept of Simple Diary is simple. It is easy to use because it has no complicated functions and is made up only of functions that you really need.

- Features and Usage

● Also available on PC via web page.
● Once you sign in, you can write today's diary.
● You can write if the keyboard is up for writing.
● You can write more rich diary by using 'Photo' in the bottom right corner and 'Timestamp' in the bottom left corner.
● Press 'List' to view the entire calendar. You can also write diaries of past days.
● A written day is marked with a dot. If you press the part marked with a dot, you can see the contents and the picture of the diary written on that day.