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Skycatch COMMANDER for DJI — Drone Flight Planning and Data Collection

Seller: Skycatch
Price: FREE

Download Skycatch COMMANDER for DJI — Drone Flight Planning and Data Collection free via AppsHawk.

***FREE for a limited time!***

Download the Skycatch COMMANDER iOS app to transform your DJI drone into a professional mapping tool. Easily create high resolution 2D maps & 3D models.

Fully compatible with: DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced, Pro), Phantom 4, Inspire 1, and Inspire 1 Pro . Use your iPhone 5 and newer, and all sizes of iPad.

Safely fly your mission with just a few taps — no professional experience required. Skycatch COMMANDER activates your DJI drone for automatic take-off, flight, image capture and landing. Upload your images to the cloud for processing into 2D & 3D models, which can easily be viewed, analyzed, and shared using the Skycatch Dashboard.

For over three years our customers in construction, mining, utilities, and energy have used aerial data daily to save time, money, and reduce costs and common oversight. Now you can too.

>>> "Using Skycatch tools helps increase field productivity related to material staging and site logistics by up to 3 hours per week.” — Scott W, DPR Construction

Use this app for a wide range of jobs:
- Surveying and volume measurements.
- Track progress on a job site.
- Make better logistics plans with an aerial map.

How Skycatch COMMANDER works:
- Outline the area you want to map and let COMMANDER take care of the rest (altitude, airspeed, waypoints, routing, image overlap).
- Autonomously takeoff, fly, and land; upload images to the cloud where Skycatch processes the data for you.
- Post-flight — view, analyze, and share your data in the Skycatch Dashboard: share annotations, overlay BIM & CAD files, and more.

Key features:
- Guidance provided in-app at every step — no professional experience required.
- Quick flight execution: outline the area to be mapped, upload the mission to the drone, monitor its progress.
- You set the output resolution — the app calculates waypoints, altitude, speed, and overlap automatically.
- Flight direction control: modify the direction/heading of flight path; use this to set the direction of flight relative to wind, terrain, obstacles!
- Multi-flight missions — plan the entire area once. After battery swap, tap Continue to pick up right where you left off.
- Live video feed – see live video feed from the drone's camera.
- Summary flight stats – keep track of your work with shareable total stats on number flights, flight time, acres mapped, and number of photos captured. Share with clients and teammates via social media and email.
- Automated map processing in the cloud.
- Access completed maps directly from your iPhone and iPad.
- Save mission plans and avoid re-planning — perfect for multiple sites and recurring data capture.

Skycatch gives you the power to capture aerial data and create actionable intelligence to help people operate faster, safer, and smarter than ever before.