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Welcome on board with Aviation Media Ltd.
If you’re interested in aviation in Switzerland, then you’re in the right place. Hansjörg Bürgi and his trusty team have been reporting on all aviation events and aerospace newsworthy matters with stunning photographic coverage since 2004. Each and every month in magazine.

This app is based as shop-solution since version 2.0. Some of the magazins are free of charge. Other digital magazins can directly payed and loaded inside this app.

The team of 40 specialists from the aviation industry is your guarantee for an insight into Swiss aviation in every sphere; from General Aviation to the Air Force, from helicopters up to airliners and Flightsim news to space, we’re always in touch with what’s happening in Switzerland’s aviation scene.

In addition to the printed magazine, the App also features:

- Video and audio links
- direct weblinks to features or advertizers
- direct import of contact information into your address book
- Locations shown directly on a map
- send mail to friends
- Create your own notes
- Bookmark management

And allows you to read wherever you happen to be in the world. You also have the option of calling up previously published information for research.