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Seller: Patrick Braunsberger
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Slim Tracker is a very easy and convenient way to manage your daily calorie balance. You can use your iPhone and your Apple Watch to track your dietary and workout calories. It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s fun. You will love SlimTracker.

Just set up your daily calorie target and track your food and your workouts the easiest and fastest way. SlimTracker reads and stores all data within Apple Health. Even if you use other fitness apps SlimTracker will include this data and provides and overview of your daily calorie balance.

SlimTracker shows your BMI (Body Mass Index) and your basal metabolic rates based on different activity levels. With this information you can easily adopt your daily calorie target. No matter if you want to stay in shape, lose weight or even gain weight – SlimTracker is the right choice for you.

You can track your workout and dietary calories on your Apple Watch. This works also when your iPhone is not with you. Slim Tracker stores the information in Apple Health on your Apple Watch. If your iPhone is not reachable the data will get synchronized later.

People often need an easy solution for tracking additional things during the day. Keeping an eye on the consumption of coffee for example. SlimTracker gives you the possibility to count two additional elements. Fast & Easy!

SlimTracker doesn’t have annoying ads. SlimTracker doesn’t have any hidden costs or In-App purchases.

SlimTracker uses different units for your height (cm or feet/inches) and for your weight (kg or lbs).

With SlimTracker you can
• Track your food
• Track your workouts
• Use your Apple Watch for tracking food and workouts (fast and easy)
• View your kcal balance
• View your remaining kcal intake to your defined target
• View all data from Apple Health
• Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)
• Get information of your basal metabolic rate
• Track consumption of e.g. Coffee and Water