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Slow Feeds

Seller: Zozi Apps
Price: -1

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or how I learned to stop worrying and just subscribe to everything.

"Slow Feeds" singles out your low-volume RSS subscriptions, so you don't have to.


### Don't miss posts
- Low volume feeds won't be drowned out by the river of news.
- You will see your leisurely blogging friends monthly post in Slow Feeds.

### Don't worry about subscriptions
- You won't have to worry about subscribing. If it's too much, it won't clog up Slow Feeds.
- To let you go even further into the not-worrying-about-subscriptions zone, Slow Feeds ignores all folders and tags completely. Seriously.


- Syncs with BazQux Reader, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Feedly and NewsBlur
- Background Fetch
- Share/Save posts on Instapaper, Pocket, Pinboard, Delicious, Facebook, Message, Mail or Twitter
- Read articles in the good looking article view, open links in the in-app browser or in Safari, Chrome, Dolphin or Opera Mini
- Mark articles as read/unread, starred/unstarred
- NO folders, NO tags!

Full version

If you upgrade to the full version (via one-time In-App-Purchase), Slow Feeds will also show you:

- High Volume feeds
- Starred items

and give you even more tools to automatically dig up interesting things from your subscriptions:

- Hot Links: Analyze posts to find commonly linked webpages
- Images: Show all article images as one combined gallery

### More full version features
- You can manually overrule the Slow Feeds/High Volume categorization per feed
- You can add and remove subscriptions
- x-callback-url compatible service to subscribe to feeds or websites
- You can have multiple RSS reader accounts