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Small Camera = Small Photos

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Download Small Camera = Small Photos free via AppsHawk.

A picture is worth a thousand words …

… but my phone storage is limited and:

too often I am forced to remove photos from my device,
for vast majority of them I do not need an HD one.
I prefer to have them with me rather than stored in a cloud,

So I made this tiny little app that works just like an original camera but takes a significantly smaller version of a photo and stores it in your Photos Gallery.

You can decide to take a photo that will be 50, 25 or 15% of the original HD size. You can further limit it size by applying a stronger compression (quality will be impacted). Finally, you can set it in a “no need to click so many times” mode and immediately start the camera when the you start "Small Camera".

All the photos are saved into your photo gallery.

Hope this will be enough to get you started. If you have any questions catch me at support (at) and I will be happy to guide you how to use it.

PS. Just imagine how much bandwidth and electricity we will all save if all those funny photos we make and share across the globe via all the social media sites will use a quarter of current size. Do you really need 4K for everything? I do not think so :)