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Solitaire Gone Wild

Seller: Robert Mayo
Price: FREE

Download Solitaire Gone Wild free via AppsHawk.

Tired of playing traditional Solitaire and running out of moves, or getting bored with the same old game?
Solitaire Gone Wild lets you add WILD cards to the game, with several player options, depending on the difficulty level you prefer.
• Pick no WILD cards to play the traditional game, or pick 1 or 2 WILD cards for some WILD fun.
• Pick to have the WILD cards shuffled into deck, or ready to play at the bottom of the screen.
• Pick 1 or 3-card draw.
• Pick your card fronts and backs, and your background to suit your mood.
• Pick sound or the silent treatment, hints or no hints.
• Click-on-card feature keeps you from having to drag cards all over the screen.
• Undo feature lets you backtrack to get that card that you forgot to play.
• Build your ranking against players around the world.
• Accumulate ranking points to give you free contest entries in our CONTEST VERSION upgrade. The CONTEST VERSION should be out in late 2017 or early 2018. It will pay out prizes, like stuff that you actually can use!

Once you go WILD, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways! Start having some WILD fun today.