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Seller: Joey Pini
Price: FREE

Download Speedpike free via AppsHawk.

Speedpike is a high-speed, arcade racer with simple stylish graphics and a fun chiptunes soundtrack. Navigate a speeding track that’s slowly closing in on you. The pace gets faster and more frantic with each new level, but the further you get, the higher your score! Pick up power-ups to help get you to the next level, and go for your personal record or a spot on the leaderboard!

Pick up 3 different power-ups along the way:

1. Invincibility: plow through walls or anything else that gets in your way.
2. Slow-down: get a break from the high speed levels.
3. Shrink: make the car tiny so you can easily navigate the walls.

Features game center leaderboard to see how you stack up against the rest of the world.