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Spose: King of Maine

Seller: Preposterously Dank, LLC
Price: FREE

Download Spose: King of Maine free via AppsHawk.

Fight through the counties of Maine as Spose to unlock his new album “Good Luck With Your Life” before it becomes available anywhere else! The entire album is hidden in the game and playable in the music player. Find “PDank coins” to unlock the songs, spend pinecones to play the songs, and destroy every raccoon, shirtless running dude, and oxycontin thief you see along the way. The journey starts in Spose’s hometown Wells, Maine and concludes in the state capital Augusta, where you must defeat the governor to become THE KING OF MAINE.

App created by Spose, Quinten Campbell, Marcus Gosselin, Bradley Oakes. All art by O’Chang Studios. Special thanks to Dexter Lohne.

Follow Spose on Twitter @SpizzySpose or Snapchat "therealspose"