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Spray Can Prank - Spoof Paint Sounds & Vibrations

Seller: Saliha Bhutta
Price: 0.99

Download Spray Can Prank - Spoof Paint Sounds & Vibrations free via AppsHawk.

Most fun and easy to use spray can prank app. Have tons of fun pranking your friends. Imagine their reaction when they hear a loud spray can sound behind their head. We guarantee that they will jump up!!

Don't settle for buggy or non-working clones
Download now!

• Most beautiful and simple Spray Can Prank app
• See spray can top move when pushed
• Shake you device and hear spray can shaking noise.
• Device vibrates when spray sound starts. (Not available on iPad)
• Choose from 7 different spray can colors (in-app required)
• Choose from 6 different spray can sounds. (in-app required)
• Have endless clean fun with your family and friends

NOTE: This app is for entertainment purposes only and is not a true spray can. (IAP required to unlock items)

Spray Can Prank, its designs, and all other assets included in this application are the sole property of Simplegames & Saliha Bhutta. Any sort of reproduction of this app using app design and or assets found within this app will result in legal consequences.