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Stats for Chats

Seller: Jann Schafranek
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I am NOT, in any way, associated with WhatsApp, Inc.. WhatsApp® is copyrighted and trademarked by WhatsApp Inc. in serveral countries.

DISCLAIMBER: This App was designed with the english language in mind. It works with all languages using the English/Latin alphabet (A, B, C, ...). It may not work when having the system language set to a language not using the English/Latin alphabet. I constantly try adding support for new languages, so if yours is not supported please contact me and I'll try to add that.

Stats for Chats offers statistic features for all your chats, including group chats, in, for now, WhatsApp.

It analyses the chats on the following criteria:
- Messages
- Letters
- Conversation Initiations
- Images
- Swear Word Usage
- Times Most Chatted At
- Days Most Chatted At
- Words Most Used
- Emoji Most Used
- Swear Words Most Used
- Chat Type
- Avarage Daily Messages
- Unique Words Used
- First Time Chatted
- Last Time Chatted

There are more to come and if you have a request please send us an email to