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Steam IF97

Seller: Fluidika Techlabs
Price: FREE

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Steam IF97 performs calculations of thermodynamic and transport properties of steam based on the latest IAPWS IF-97 formulation.
Given a combination of two input thermodynamic variables, it calculates 20 thermodynamic and transport properties of steam. The results obtained are suitable for engineering, scientific, academic or industrial use.

-Performs all the calculations implementing the latest mathematical formulations from the IAPWS (International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam), IAPWS-IF97 Industrial formulation (Revision 2007).

The following applies when the application has enabled the Full Range of Variables:

-It allows for 14 different combinations of thermodynamic properties to be entered as input parameters:
Temperature / Pressure
Temperature / Enthalpy
Temperature / Internal Energy
Temperature / Entropy
Temperature / Specific Volume
Pressure / Enthalpy
Pressure / Internal Energy
Pressure / Entropy
Pressure / Specific Volume
Enthalpy / Entropy
Enthalpy / Specific Volume
Internal Energy / Specific Volume
Temperature / Vapor Fraction
Pressure / Vapor Fraction

-Calculations are possible on the full valid region of the IAPWS-IF97 (General Properties) or the two-phase region including saturation states for liquid and vapor (Two-phase Properties).

-Supports input parameters and calculation results in both SI (metric) and I-P (English) system of units.

-For each combination of input thermodynamic properties, it calculates and provides the user with information about the appropriate input values in the valid range of calculations.

-It calculates 20 Thermodynamic and Transport properties of steam using the above formulation:
Specific Enthalpy
Specific Entropy
Specific Internal Energy
Specific Volume
Speed of Sound
Dynamic Viscosity
Kinematic Viscosity
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Diffusivity
Isobaric Heat Capacity
Isochoric Heat Capacity
Isentropic Exponent
Isobaric Cubic Expansion Coefficient
Isothermal Compressibility
Prandtl Number
Vapor Fraction
IAPWS-IF97 Region

-Results can be sent by email in an HTML file along with a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

-For more information and a more comprehensive user's guide, please visit: