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Sum Heroes

Seller: Buddy Sun
Price: FREE

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Learning arithmetic? Put those sum solving skills to good use with Sum Heroes, the perfect game for practising +, -, x, ÷!

Solve multiple choice arithmetic questions with addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (x), and division (÷)!

Automatic difficulty setting means questions will never be too hard!

Get questions right to level up and unlock new heroes!

How many sums can you solve and how many heroes can you unlock?

- Addictive, child friendly, educational gameplay!
- No penalties for getting answers wrong!
- No timer, no pressure!
- Questions get harder or easier based on your ability!
- Animated heroes with special actions when tapped!

Unlockable Heroes:
L1: Green Bob
L2: Blue Bob
L3: Yellow Bob
L4: Red Bob
L5: White Bob
L6: Black Bob
L10: Golden Bob
L15: Olive Hero
L20: Cat Man
L25: Anne Bonnie
L30: Rainbow Hero
L35: Foady
L40: Hooch
L50: (Secret)

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