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Summer Solstice

Seller: Hunan Blue Cat Online Education Co., Ltd.
Price: 2.99

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New product release, ultra-low to 1 RMB for only 1 day!

Kids love exploring, moms get no worries!
This App aim to let kids feeling solar term, and close to nature in games!
Day, night,to cast weather magic freely!
Sunny, Raining, to cross between hot and peace!
Click! Wave your little fan slightly, and rotate your little yellow umbrella!
Alternate weather freely and observe the change of the solar term!
No barriers, no limitation, and provide a totally free space for baby!

Production features:
The Summer solstice is coming,
“Croak, Croak” Who is singing the summer serenade?
Who is handing lanterns to find us?
Can kids find the summer little secrets?
Come on and enjoy the wonderful change of nature with Blue Cat!

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We are concentrated on providing a pure space without any interference!

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