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Seller: YouXin
Price: FREE

Download SunnyPuppies free via AppsHawk.

From here, you will ......
* adopting an adorable puppy and take her(him) home along with you .
* in possession of house of your own , with tranquil and carefree backyard .
* having fun with your puppies with various of toys and games, completely don't have to
worry about the dirty floor and grass.
* your special puppy, which can help you earn more fortune, could thrive and bear
strong bounds with you , through your considerate caring,
* interact with friends who raise puppies, sharing joy and gains.
Sunny puppies, bringing you sunshine everyday!

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*touchscreen interact: multiple entertainment experiences, like touching,feeding,playing with,
* with different styles and accessories, you can earsily decorate your house.
* your puppy can be able to help you dig the hidden coins, accumulating more fortune in order to
purchase larger houses and advanced accessories
*if you are willing to dress puppy up as cute, pretty and shining style,it's all up to you to pick
consistently new fashion outfits.
*you can walk your puppy in the house, in backyard ,in blocks and various scenes, with good lucks
and surprises popping up along the roads.
* visiting friends and make more acquaintances, assisting friends caring their puppies and in
search of coins , sharing bonus and gains.
* a brand-new experience, with 3D interface and cute style.
* easy to play.
Have Fun!