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Sunscreen - UV Index, Protect your skin from the sun

Seller: Kurmudgeon
Price: FREE

Download Sunscreen - UV Index, Protect your skin from the sun free via AppsHawk.

Sunscreen gives you the information you need to safely deal with harmful UV radiation.

UV radiation affects human health both positively and negatively. Short periods of exposure to UVB radiation is beneficial as it generates vitamin D, but extended exposure can cause the following problems, particularly for people who spend unprotected time outdoors:

- Skin cancer
- Cataracts
- Suppression of the immune system
- Premature ageing of the skin

Sunscreen app uses your current location and data from to determine the maximum UV radiation for the current day and also the forecast for the next 7 days. Based on the UV data it provides information on how best to protect yourself from these dangers.

@Wissen2010, yes the app was machine translated, unfortunately with 65 sales of the app I cannot afford to hire a translator, Regarding the price, I know this comparison has been done before, but it's less than the price of a cup of coffee and took a lot longer to make.

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