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Swim to Fly

Price: FREE

Download Swim to Fly free via AppsHawk.

Swim to Fly® is a proven step-by-step method to learn to swim properly with confidence in the water. The swimming lessons are simple and specially designed for all skill levels from beginners to competitors and all ages from kids to adults. The Swim to Fly swimming program is EASY, FAST & EFFECTIVE (Water safe, Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, Breaststroke).
Become a better swimmer today. Welcome to the Swim to Fly experience.

This app features 5 simple lessons:
Lesson 1 - Swim with confidence
Lesson 2 - Front crawl
Lesson 3 - Backstroke
Lesson 4 - Butterfly
Lesson 5 - Breaststroke

Each lesson contains videos that will make learning even easier, narrated by certified and professional swimming and health coach, Christian Anseaume. Through his extensive teaching experience, he has created this water skill and life program for beginners to advanced swimmers.

The app also lets you earn medals after completing lessons and answering questions. You can share your medals on social media, and build your confidence as you learn more and more.

The app also lets you find Swim to Fly partner instructors and schools.

It's your perfect app to learn, experience and enjoy swimming with confidence. Download and try today.