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Seller: Art of communication, Inc.
Price: FREE

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Thailes is a guide to understanding the characters and sounds of Thai Script. This set of exercises progressively prepares you to read Thai. It covers Consonants, Vowels, Numbers, and Pronunciation. With over 2,000 individual challenges covering these subjects, you are going to get plenty of practice recognizing the characters and hearing how they sound. Within the app are reference pages, learning challenges, and interactive games that improve your skills and keep things fun.

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate learners of the Thai language.

The challenges contain examples of both male and female native Thai speakers. The exercises iterate through the elements of the language and announce each sound as it is introduced. By hearing the samples over and over again, while seeing their associated character, you connect the characters with their respective sounds. This weans you off of the dependence of “transliteration”, which can be a crutch when learning a foreign language, because you tend to ignore the actual script when transliteration examples are nearby.

Inside the app are interactive games that help you memorize things in rapid fire:

Scroll Game – Identify the right consonants. Doubles as a guide for reference.
Whack A Tile – Whack the right tile as it floats across the screen!
Into The Box – Drag the consonant into the right consonant class box.
Defense – Spell combinations of sounds.

The intention of Thailes is to keep the focus on learning to read and speak Thai script. In order to do this, we kept the content focused on learning the basics. See our other products for additional ways to learn Thai.

When you first download Thailes, you will be able to use the numbers section and some reference levels, but in app purchases will be necessary in order to utilize the elements described within this text.