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The Apostrophe Song

Seller: Cool Rules Pty Ltd
Price: FREE

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Put the apostrophe in its place. The Apostrophe Song is a highly effective, innovative and pleasantly addictive resource for use in the classroom, in the office and at home.

Hum your way to perfect practice. Choose from rock, hip-hop, pop/dance or acoustic musical styles. Test your skills using ‘race against the clock’ multiple-choice quizzes.

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Praise for The Apostrophe Song and the app…

We've tried it out and are very happy to recommend it…Cool Rules has used App technology to produce a very useful and entertaining way of learning.
SCC English (St Columbia’s College, Dublin) 7 September 2010

Can new Apostrophe Song cure the apostrophe crisis? A sort of Schoolhouse Rock for the internet age. 
Huffington Post 1 September 2010

Those of you who care about apostrophes will love this. The Apostrophe Song.
Stephen Fry, tweet, September 2010

Prepare to have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day... September 2010