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The Heart of London

Seller: Debra Rogers
Price: FREE

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The Heart of London Mobile Tour App has been selected as one of three finalists for the first ever Ontario’s Southwest Innovation Award.

Enjoy this fun and delightful tour of London Ontario, while relaxing at home or while following the interactive map and meandering along the riverside at the forks of the Thames River.

There is no need to book a tour guide when visiting London because Deb Rogers is your personal guide providing 28 sight-seeing stops with 90 minutes of video and great stories about London and some of the characters who contributed to its growth and colourful history. Deb not only provides you with historical details but also personal and humourous comments about Eldon House, Museum London, Thomas Talbot, The Battle of the Atlantic, Middlesex County Building, Labatt Park, Governor Simcoe, Blackfriars Bridge and of course, London's first hanging!

Have you ever wondered why London is called "The Forest City?" This app tells you the origin of the name.

Enjoy the bonus song which is Included called The Forks of the Thames, written by Londoner, Valerie Morrison. Listen to it as you stroll along the break-wall from Labatt Park to Blackfriars Bridge.

Use this app while you meander your daily route along the river or when you bring guests into London and want to show them around our beautiful city. Visitors to London, this is the perfect app for you as it takes you into the heart of the city where the beauty of the river unfolds around you.

Teachers use this app to supplement local history lessons. Connect your iPad to your whiteboard and take your students for a mostly pre-confederation tour. The app provides information but also can be used as introductions for student research and classroom activity. Tourism London use this app for promoting the city! Realtors gift this app to your London home purchasers. You can also use this app while relaxing at home as you take an historical tour of the river forks without having to put on any shoes! It's fun, it's light, it's easy and it will make you smile.

It is a large app because all 30 videos are included inside the app, which means you will download the app once and have the content with you at all times - so there is no need to reuse your data to stream the videos each time you want to watch them. Be patient with the download. We, as a team, made the decision to include the videos completely even though it means a larger file must be downloaded and stored on your device. You will want to watch the videos more than once so instead of streaming them and using your data plan each time you watch, we opted for a single use of data plans. Check your space on your device before you download, you will need 1.54 Gigabytes available. It's worth the download, so if you don't have room to install The Heart of London app delete some of those apps that you are not using anymore. Remember that you can re-download apps once you have purchased them without paying for them again. Be sure you have iOS 8 or above on your device.

NOTE: The APP WILL NOT RUN ON AN IPHONE 6 PLUS. It DOES run on the 6S Plus but not the 6 Plus.

NEW STREAMED VERSION: If this app is too large for your phone then download the new streamed version. You will need an internet connection when you use the app. The new streamed version also does not run on an iPhone 6 Plus.

Deb :)