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The LifeList App

Seller: Mantra Mama (Natural Healing, LLC)
Price: FREE

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A to-do list that works with your life! LifeList will help you be more productive, organized and… realistic about what you can really get done in a day. It will help you go to bed every night feeling really accomplished, motivated, and excited about what you got done. This will carry over into the following day to help you accomplish even more.

Start by making a list of everything you do in a day. Taking a shower, getting dressed, picking up kids, making dinner, going to work, whatever it is that fills up your day. These are your “Daily Activities.” You can also include things you WANT to do more of, like exercise, meditation, connecting with friends, and self-care.

Next you’ll make a list of all the other things you need to do. These “Weekly Tasks” will change week to week. Picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, home repairs, buying new socks, etc. You will also assign a priority to each task of A, B, or C.

LifeList then combines the two lists into one!

As you go through your day you will be checking things off your list, one by one. You will realize how much you really are getting done in a day… You took a shower! You got dressed! You kept your kids alive! You went to work! You put away laundry! You shaved your legs! You took your vitamins!

You get a gold star.