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The Ovulator: fertility and period tracker

Seller: Andrew Joseph Edwards III MD
Price: FREE

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As a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Edwards has been listening to and evaluating patients for twenty years regarding fertility issues in their pursuit of pregnancy. The goal of this app is to make the the user more aware of her fertility window, which is approximately four days.

Dr. Edwards has confined the data entry to the following: cycle length (most important), basal body temperature, one sided pelvic pain, and a noticeable increase in the user's vaginal discharge. Predictable periods and a change in the baseline characteristics of these other factors are most consistent with ovulation.

The Ovulator calculates your fertility window by utilizing your data to give you the best days for fertilization to occur. The goal of this app is to educate and allow the user to become more aware of her menstrual cycle and the other symptoms consistent with ovulation.

• designed by board certified OBGYN Dr. Joe Edwards with more than twenty years experience in helping women achieve their desire for pregnancy
• tracks menstrual cycles and symptoms associated with ovulation
• instructs user regarding best days for sex to get pregnant and days not to have sex to improve sperm counts
• quick and easy data entry
• historical tracker to review past menstrual cycles
• checklist for fertility evaluation
• algorithm that learns your best fertility window based on your personalized data
• push notifications to remind you to check the ovulator